Top sport and talent "Aspire Qatar"

Top sport and talent “Aspire Qatar”

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o Clear conclusion

1.    Research assignment
During this module you will be working in pairs on a sport-related subject. Completing this assignment will involve consulting professional literature. 80 hours per person have been set aside for this assignment. The research results will be presented to the other Sport Management students and tutors.

1.    Each pair selects an assignment and registers in the list next to room 3.02.
•    After studying the subject you submit the research structure to the module coordinators for approval by the Wednesday of week 2 via The research structure consists of the objective, the problem definition, the research questions and a list of consulted literature and its scope.
2.    The next step is to carry out the research to answer the questions laid down in the problem definition you have submitted.
It may be necessary to make interim adjustments to the problem definition and research questions; this is something you should discuss with your tutor.

Report and presentation
•    You will be giving a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation.

•    In the first session in week 1 the subjects will be discussed during PBL.
•    The module coordinators will draw up a schedule for the presentations in keeping with the sports workshops.
•    The deadline for handing in the research structure is Wednesday of week 2.
•    The deadline for handing in the hard copy of the power point is Wednesday of week 4.

Presentation requirements
•    Reports that are not given a pass mark are not eligible for presentation.
•    The presentation lasts for about 30 minutes. (ratio +/- 30 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for answering questions).
•    The two people giving the presentation are given an equal share.
•    The presentation is supported with PowerPoint.
•    Give a handout of the PowerPoint presentation to your audience*.
•    The presentation is clearly structured.
•    During the presentation the research questions are sufficiently addressed as regards their content.
•    Questions are adequately answered.

Maximum    Norm 55%    Score
Research proposal
•    objective
•    Problem statement
•    Research questions
•    Literature overview + literature size
•    Structure
o    Introduction (objective and problem statement)
o    Core and closure
o    Questions
•    PowerPoint (individual)
o    Clarity (6/7 lines per slide)
o    Use
o    Referencing
•    Posture and voice (individual)
o    Use of voice
o    Appearance (clothing)
o    Posture
•    Content (individual)
o    Answers the problem statement
o    Explanation of terms terminology
o    Well structured
o    Clear conclusion     1 point


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