Part 1
You are employed by a major fashion forecasting company. Your responsibility is to develop a fashion trend report for two years from now.
The trend report can focus on women’s wear, menswear, or children. Once you select the category, choose three trends to analyze for the report.

Developing a Forecast
1.     Identify the basic facts about each trend by using information from past forecasts.    Your research should include— What stage of the product life cycle is the trend?  Is this a new or repeating trend?  In addition, explain the trend’s appeal to a specific target market, for example: Junior market.
2.    Determine the causes of change in the past using current information.
3.    Determine the differences between past forecasts and actual behavior using current information.
4.    Determine the factors likely to affect trends in the future.
5.    Apply forecasting techniques, paying attention to issues of accuracy and reliability.
You will research each trend using the above steps. Reading trade and consumer publications can accomplish this. Popular culture and fashion websites will also be helpful.   In addition, observation will be done by visiting stores to see how the trend is being merchandised.  It will be important to observe how consumers are interpreting the trend.

Each trend will have its own report in a book format. It will include the following:
•    Current Trend Research
•    Trend Story- Write a descriptive paragraph outlining the importance of the trend and the direction it is taking.
•    Sketch of trend for 2 years from now. You can use outside assistance for this.
•    Proposed colors for the season.  (Use paint swatches, but create color names.)
•    Proposed fabrications for the season. (Use fabric swatches.)
The trend research should be at least three pages for each theme/trend and typed using Times New Roman 12 point font. MLA format is to be used for citations and the Works Cited page. The typed trend story should be exciting. Create a name for the trend, (for example, Bohemian Chic) and use the name as a basis for telling the story. The following web site is an excellent source that demonstrates how the stories are written. .  The proposed sketch and trend story should be on the same page. You could also consider doing a fold out whereby the story, sketch, color, and swatches are shown as a grouping.


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