U.S. Ending Stocks data of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (Thousand Barrels)

U.S. Ending Stocks data of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (Thousand Barrels)

Project Paper – You must submit a 10-15 page APA format paper, which contains the following:

Identify the question you are trying to answer or problem you are trying to understand. Give the organizational context and your motivation for this particular

project. Why did you choose it, and why should it matter to this organization? Interview at least one manager at the organization for their perspective on this issue

and how it contributes to the organization’s ability to perform its mission. If you are using a public data set, the same requirements apply. How does this issue

affect an organization? 10% of the total project grade.
Background research on how other organizations and/or researchers have modeled this issue. Why is this issue is important. Expect to do academic/library research in

the business literature and trade journals from the industry or field in question. Explain very carefully what has been done and how successful it was at other

organizations. 20%
Based on your research and course reading, identify the appropriate quantitative technique to use for analysis for this project. Explain why this is the correct method

to use. This may be from regression analysis, forecasting, probabilistic modeling, or linear programming. Other techniques may be used only with instructor’s approval.

Identify, get permission to use, collect and organize data required to do the analysis. Carefully document the source of the data. Describe any transformations you did

to the data to create the final database you used in your analysis. 10%
Analyze the data, using all relevant techniques. Explain what you did, keeping technical details not of interest to management in an appendix. Be sure to include

descriptive statistics, scatterplots, correlations, etc. here as appropriate. For example, if you use regression analysis in the project, the analysis should include a

table of the most relevant results, including statistical significance. Supporting materials, such as a sample of your data, results from Excel or Crystal Ball, etc.

must be included in the appendix. Interpret your results, giving advice on how to use these results in the organization. 30%
Discuss the ethical implications and/or data integrity issues as applicable. 10%
Compare your results to what you found in your research. Identify directions for further research. What surprised you? What did you learn? 10%


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