UCOR2100 Theological explorations:

UCOR2100 Theological explorations:

Project description
This is final paper of UCOR2100 Theological explorations: Theological Ethics of hope & moral power. The book is “LOVE THAT DOES JUSTICE”(THOMAS L.SCHUBECK). I give the

requirement by the first file. It is very important to read carefully. Please follow everything on the first file (requirement file). This paper uses no outside

reading. I will send all course materials by the files. This paper should use at least four chapters or articles from course. Also, need to use at least one website

(IPCC; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/26/pope-francis-evangelii-gaudium_n_4342964.html; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-dr-susan-brooks-thistlethwaite/pope-

francis-liberation-theology_b_4373538.html) or video




DI1ZTAyYzViZTc4YmFhZDA3.mp4; http://youtu.be/v9Qe9yqPKD8; http://youtu.be/bhK8crTNAWs) . I ALSO send the file of KENNEDY , BROOKFIELD, CH9, CH8 that you have to use in

the paper. Please, read all files and book : “LOVE THAT DOES JUSTICE”(THOMAS L.SCHUBECK) . notice: everything should follow first file that I give you. NO INFORMATION

OUTSIDE OF THIS COURSE. if you have any question, please ask me as soon as possible.
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Please follow this introduction: Mod Reflection Journals; tHE BOOK IS :Mackey, John and Raj Sisodia. Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.
Harvard Business Review Press (2013)

REQUIREMENT: Reflect on the module that was just completed. Think about two things you learned that specifically impacted you. These do not have to be things that I

lectured about. These may be things that you learned from
other students, or something that you had a negative reaction to, or something that was triggered in your mind. Write about these in the form of a journal entry.

Describe why these things are important to you,
and how you think they may be applicable to your life.
Part of this assignment is to have a conversation about one of the things you learned with someone yiyi 0.5 0.5 anyone that is not currently in this class. This person

might be a parent, friend, sibling,
roommate, coworker, etc. Tell them what you are learning, and ask for their opinion about it. In your journal, you must describe that conversation.
Each journal entry should be about 300 words (one page


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