uding with 2010, when most of you were in high school)

uding with 2010, when most of you were in high school).
Your assignment: In a 15-minute presentation, you will present a PowerPoint to us that highlights the season you have been assigned.  You may embed up to nine minutes (three examples of 3 different shows – 3 minutes each – or two examples of 2 different shows – 4 minutes each – or one example using the full 9 minutes). You will use our text as your initial authority on the season in question, but it is up to you to become the real authority on the programs that you choose to highlight. We would want to hear solid research on the genesis of the program, its development, its production procedures, etc.  In short, tell us all you can in 15 minutes.

Your report will be delivered in two parts.  Part I will be the 15-minute précis of your research.   You will deliver this to the class, and we shall respond by commenting and questioning.
ONE WEEK later, your 8 page research report (footnoted and with full bibliography) will be DUE.

In order to become the authority on the topic that you have been given, you will thoroughly research the topic, giving us key information that has required at least 35 hours of research.

You will consult at least 8 (8) outside reference sources NOT INCLUDING any material found only on the internet.  (Web material is certainly welcome in your report, but it will be in addition to the other sources.)   (There are hundreds of articles on virtually any of these famous programs.   Your goal will be to consult most of them and cite all of them.)

In short, find out everything there is to find about your topic.   Do not hesitate to include (in the last few pages) your own original analysis of any of the works under consideration (although this is not necessary).

Good luck, and do well.

Please NOTE:


Formatting of research reports:

Sources:  ALL source material must be photocopied (or printed if from a web site) and included in the portfolio folder.

Each copied or printed article must be labeled with (at least) the author’s name.

Each section used in the research paper must be underlined or highlighted in the photocopied or printed material.

The material should be arranged in the order it is referenced in the body of the text of the essay.

Certainly, entire articles can be included in your portfolio, but the section you quote must be clearly delineated (underlined or highlighted).

The goal, of course, is to allow the reader to easily follow the progress of your research.


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