User Interface Design Practices Information systems increasingly emphasize the user experience.

Information systems increasingly emphasize the user experience. Please respond to the following:

  • Identify a business information system (application or website) that you are familiar with. Do not repeat an example from the textbook or one that has been posted by another student.
  • Explain how it follows three of the eight rules of user interface design enumerated in Chapter 8 of the textbook. this is the link for the book

In academia, facts must be verified and opinions supported, so offer a rationale that includes something you’ve learned this week. Include references as appropriate, but do not quote or paraphrase.

Discussions are an important part of your learning. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions with your classmates and learn from theirs. Interact just as you would in a traditional classroom. Post your initial response by Wednesday. Then, return on a couple of other days to interact with your classmates. Respond to at least one who addressed different rules in substantive posts that further the discussion.

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