While all business structures are different, they share similar basic  designs.

While all business structures are different, they share similar basic  designs. All have their own missions and vision, provide certain  services or products, have a strategic plan and some sort of governing  body and managers, and have a specific population they intend to serve.  Health care is no different.

Prepare for this assignment by gleaning some additional  insight from real health care managers. You may find short interviews  with health care managers by searching Web sites such as Executives in Action, and by reading the following chapters from your course text, Introduction to U.S. Health Care:

  • Chapter 1, “The U.S. Health Care System”
  • Chapter 2, “Boards and Governance”

Locate a health care service or organization. (It may be  your place of employment). Identify at least five of the following  aspects of its business structure that the governing bodies are  responsible for:

  • Type of system or organization
  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Services provided
  • Organization’s strategic plan
  • Members of the governing board members
  • Structure of the governing board and standing committees
  • Credentialing body/regulators
  • Financial structure
  • Population served
  • Suppliers

As you have discovered this week, not all businesses are  the same, depending on their mission and who they serve, and not all  countries have the same business structure for health care. A country  with socialized medicine will differ from the U.S., for instance, in  terms of these aspects.

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