I’ll assigned this 4 pages 
Can you assist?  4 PAGES ONLY

Write a 4 page paper: What Makes AMAZON the Best Place to Work and Why?”

1.    Evaluate the fundamental driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the selected company. Be sure to address the following: competing in a global marketplace, workforce diversity, ethics and morality, and technological innovation.


3.    Examine the selected company’s specific practices or policies. Speculate on the major influences that these practices or policies have on individual and organizational outcomes.

4.    Determine which practices related to work attitudes in U.S. organizations are most strongly affected by diversity and suggest a strategy to address the effects.

5.    Use at least three (3) quality references (NOTHING FROM OVERSEAS, NO eBooks that need subscription. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. NO PLAGARISM!

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