This week, we covered waste management and more about pollution laws. Think about the community you’ve selected for your final project (community is Walnut Creek, CA), or are familiar with, and consider:  

1. Trash. Where does your waster provider take you trash.

2. Recycling. Does your community require recycling? Sorting? Plastics, paper, metals, bottles? 

3. Is there any news about COVID affecting recycling in your community?

4. How about batteries and expired medicines – what are the policies for disposal in your community?

1. Think about what you’ve written above

1. Are your community’s trash and recycling practices sustainable?

2. Are those vacant sites and asset or a liability when it comes to RLS? 

Attach your 2-page single space reflection paper (text only, any graphics/tables can be attached) to your post. Include any additional citations (not included in 2 page limit). In order to get credit for bonus points, any additional readings used must be mentioned in citations.

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